Sunday, February 10, 2019

TÜBİTAK Scholarship 2019-2020 in Turkey (Fully Funded)

Applications will be submitted by young international researchers who have obtained their doctorate or are interested in a doctoral program for The Scientific and Technology Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) International Fellowships.

The program aims to promote Turkey’s international cooperation in the field of science and technology by providing financial support to young international scholars with PhDs or doctoral candidates abroad.

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What You Need to Know About TUBITAK Scholarship 2019-2020 in Turkey

Level/Field of Study

The TUBITAK Scholarship is a PhD study program. If you are searching for undergraduate scholarships or masters scholarships, you can click the links to various categories to find out other scholarships available to you in 2019.

Host Nationality

The TUBITAK Foreign Students Fund is taken and hosted in Turkey. There are other Turkey Scholarships available for International students in 2019. You can utilize these scholarship opportunities to solve most of your academics problems. Check out other scholarships you can apply for in 2019 to study in EuropeAfricaAsiaAmerica, etc.

Eligible Nationality

The TUBITAK Foreign Students Fund is available to International students.
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Aside from the TUBITAK Scholarship 2019there are other scholarships available to international students to study abroad. You can check our scholarship by country to access all scholarships available.

Scholarship Worth

The scope of the program includes a monthly scholarship, travel expenses and private health insurance costs.
  • A monthly scholarship of 2,500 Turkish Liras
  • Travel expenses (round trip up to 2,250 TL) and private health insurance premiums (up to 70 TL per month). *
The maximum duration of assistance is 12 months.
* In the event of GYK’s decision, the travel and health insurance costs may be partially covered for the fellow.

Eligibility for TUBITAK Scholarship 2109

  • Being a foreign citizen,
  • After the application deadline, after you have enrolled in a PhD program abroad and have passed the PhD exam or have completed the PhD-
  • Invitation letters from universities or research institutes in Turkey *
  • Confirmation that they have sufficient language skills in the proposed research,
  • 35 years or less from the application deadline.
People who have obtained their doctorates from a university in Turkey must receive a letter of invitation from a university other than their university from which they have obtained a doctorate and conduct their research with one or more educational advisers other than their doctoral student.

How to Apply TUBITAK Scholarship 2019

All required documents must be electronically downloaded. Documents sent by mail/e-mail will not be processed. Once the online system is closed, you can not download any more documents. Please do not ask for a document after the application deadline.

TUBITAK Scholarship 2019 Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting applications is October 5, 2019.

TUBITAK Foreign Students Fund Application Forms

TUBITAK Foreign Students Fund Application Link


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